HYCA Photos

Good afternoon everyone!
Just wanted to give a little update and say that Class 22 has started off with a great start and we are well on our way into Class 22.
However, most of you have noticed the lack of photos during the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately we are going through some policy changes and they are still being reviewed, due to this pictures have been delayed.
Fear not for that doesn’t mean we haven’t been taking them, they just haven’t been posted yet. Stay tuned for more details and if you have any questions please email info@hoosieryouth.org
Thanks for your continuing support!

Home Pass Info

We hope everyone got home safe and sound and is enjoying Home Pass! In case anyone has any emergencies or needs to contact HYCA please use the number 317-289-5865.

Also, because of the holiday there will be no photos this week. We apologize for that!

Have a wonderful holiday with your Cadet!