Team Leader Positions Open

Do you have an interest in impacting the lives of at-risk youths?

The Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy is now hiring new Cadre to our team. As a Cadre you will be on the front lines in intervening and reclaiming the lives of our at-risk youths. You will work with the cadets daily to insure that they meet the academy standards and to provide needed supervision and correction. The position is full time with overtime eligibility and benefits.

Flyer for Team Leader

Cadet Success

Congratulations to all of the cadets who have gone on to further better themselves even after HYCA. Here are a few past cadets and what they are up to now!


Cadet Elisha Chatman started at Lincoln Tech

Cadet Thomas Campbell is starting Job Corps next month

Cadet Wade Moulder is starting Lincoln Tech with his scholarship in March

Cadet Jonah Scott is back in HS and doing well

Cadet Lauren Burke started at Ivy Tech with her scholarship

Cadet Cortez Holland started at Ivy Tech with his scholarship

Congratulations Cadets! We wish you success in your endeavors!



HYCA Stories

These were written and sent into us by the parents of our HYCA Cadets

David Hooper’s family writes:  “I chose HYCA because my son needed a chance, something to give him hope again for the future.  I chose it in an effort to literally save his life, and it has done exactly that.  I chose HYCA because I knew he had the strength, smarts and confidence inside him, he just needed help finding it all again.  I chose it because I love my son and I wanted the best for him.  I chose it so he could prove to himself just how amazing he really is.”


Kenneth “Nathan” Miller’s family writes:  “It had to be his choice or I do not feel he would have been successful.  Nathan has completed the Academy and earned his G.E.D. . . . He has talked about how much the telephone calls and mail meant.  We would all write him (parents, siblings, friends and other family members) so he could have a steady flow of mail.  An involved mentor has also helped Nathan.”


Eduardo Lopez’s family writes:  “I chose HYCA for my cadet . . . so he can go through the same experience as his older brothers.  I also thought it would show him that life isn’t easy.  He isn’t a bad kid.  I just wanted him to face reality.  He’s make it this far so I know that he is ready for anything.”


Carolyn Mosely’s family writes:  “I chose HYCA for my cadet to help discipline her, give her a new aspect on life and get her on the right path.  I’m glad I chose HYCA.  Carolyn has really changed as far as I can see.  She’s thinking positive as far as schooling, career wise and setting goals for herself.  I will always recommend HYCA for the youths that are struggling.  I think it’s a really great program.”


Destiny Vierling’s family writes:  “We heard that HYCA is a great place for young ladies and young men who are too smart for their britches.  Who thing they are ready to take on the world though they have no life skills, respect for others or self-worth.  We know these young people are not bad kids, but just have had bad influences in their life.  Thanks to programs like HYCA these young people who have an attitude of selfishness and a ‘no one is going to tell me what to do’ mentality now have somewhere to help them get back on track and be better people in society.    We are so glad we decided to send Destiny to a program like HYCA.  You have helped Destiny so much.   This is a great program.  HYCA is changing kids’ lives for the better!”

Cadet Speech

One of our former cadets, Cadet Brittany Abner, gave a speech in while in Washington D.C. to MG Umbarger and other members of the National Youth Foundation. Please check out her fantastic speech!


I participated in many unlawful doings prior to attending the Hoosier Youth ChalleNGe Academy. I was a drug addict. I was a drop out. I was a criminal. I was also considered hopeless, a lost cause, until the HYCA program and their compassionate staff intervened.

Now, rather than a typical high school drop out, I am one of the very few success stories. I can proudly say I am a graduate of a new kind. Today, at the age of 17, I have my high school equivalency as well as six college credits. I work full time and save my money in order to make my next school semester possible. When I originally registered to become a cadet at the Hoosier Youth ChalleNGe Academy, my intentions were not to change, grow or learn from the program. I had a change of heart extremely fast. I believe this to be simply because of the atmosphere on campus. As well as your strengths and capabilities, you are made very aware of your weaknesses and flaws and you are strongly urged to face these things and build them into strengths as well.

It would be untrue to save that this program was easy for me or that it will be easy for anyone else. By attending this Academy you are making a commitment to survive. You are promising everyone (including yourself) that you are prepared to put forth anything necessary to go over all boundaries set before you.

This program will not benefit anyone unwilling to work diligently and struggle in order to come out on top.

This program is not beneficial to anyone unwilling to give one more.

A year ago I was desperate for a change and I decided to see to it that I made one. Together, me and the Hoosier Youth ChalleNGe Academy made it happen. I say “we” because without the support of my HYCA Family, I would have no one and I would not be where I stand today. I am a successful graduate and I use the skills I learned through my training at HYCA daily to assist my in excelling during my post-residency.

Today, I am here in D.C. to offer my support to the program and the people that have been my whole support system for the last 9-10 months. And tomorrow, I will be back in Indiana, at work by 5 a.m. in order to insure that my continued education and success is possible. Myself as well as others around me recognize the changes that have been instilled within me: My ability to cope with stress and conflict is impeccable; my professionalism is rather unbelievable and the respect I have been taught to have for others as well as myself is amazing. I have a confidence that I never knew existed before the Hoosier Youth ChalleNGe Academy.