Welcome to the Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy (HYCA) Mentor Training.
HYCA would like to thank you for volunteering to be a Mentor.  Please know that you play a vital role in the success of this program and in life of the youth you mentor.  We thank you for your time and commitment. We also want you to understand that we are here to assist you should the need arise – you are not alone.  In order to prepare you for this vital role, the following training is provided.
We have three different options available for you to complete the Mandatory Mentor Training.  One of the following three options MUST be completed prior to the Mentor Match Ceremony, scheduled for Sunday, April 2, 2017.
Option 1: Classroom Training (AKA: Face to Face)
We have scheduled three (3) Classroom Training sessions throughout the state. The training sessions will begin promptly at 1:00PM EST and are scheduled to last about three (3) hours.
Region 1       Northern Region
                        Saturday, March 18, 2017
                        Plymouth Armory
                        1220 W Madison St
                        Plymouth, IN 46563
Region 2       Central Region
                        Saturday, March 11, 2017
                        10892 N SR 140
                        Knightstown, IN 46148
Region 3       Southern Region
                        Saturday, March 25, 2017
                        Salem Armory
                        1100 N Shelby St
                        Salem, IN 47167
You must RSVP with Johnny Richardson, the Mentor Coordinator, at 765-345-1023 if you plan to attend one of these Classroom Training sessions.
Option 2: Online Training
The Online Training consists of a Mentor Training Question Sheet and Ten (10) Training Modules.  Please download and print the following Mentor Training Question Sheet.  Once you have printed the Mentor Training Question Sheet click on the following LINK to take you to the online National Guard Mentor Training page.  Start with Module 1: Welcome to the ChalleNGe Team and complete the quiz at the end of that module.  Once you have completed all ten (10) modules, the Mentor Training Question Sheet will then need to be mailed, emailed, or faxed back to HYCA for verification of training completion.
***You may need Adobe Reader to view and print the Mentor Training Question Sheet.You can download Adobe Reader HERE!***
Option 3: Distance Learning
If you are unable to complete your Mandatory Mentor Training via Option 1 or 2, we have available the Distance Learning Packet that can be mailed to you.  You must call Johnny Richardson, the Mentor Coordinator, at 765-345-1023 to request your packet.  You must complete the Mentor Training Question Sheet and return to HYCA by mail, email, or fax for verification of training completion.
Verification of Training Completion
Mentors must submit the Mentor Training Question Sheet for Verification of Completion. You can mail, email, or fax, it to the following:
Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy
10892 N State Rd 140, Knightstown, IN 46148
Email: johnny.richardson@hoosieryouth.org
Fax: 765-345-1024
Mentor Match Ceremony
The Mandatory Mentor Match Ceremony will be held at the Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy with your Cadet. This ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, April 2, 2017 from 1:00pm-5:15pm Eastern Standard Time. The ceremony is mandatory for all mentors to attend in order to match with your cadets. NO GUESTS are allowed (No spouses, children, parents, ETC). This is a day for the Cadet and Mentor to spend some one on one time to talk about the process so far and to begin building the path towards the Cadet’s future. All Mentor training must be completed prior to this date or you will not be allowed to attend. Registration and check in will begin at noon and the ceremony will start promptly at 1:00PM EST.   You will be contacted by your assigned Post Residential Advisor (PRA) regarding more details.