These were written and sent into us by the parents of our HYCA Cadets

David Hooper’s family writes:  “I chose HYCA because my son needed a chance, something to give him hope again for the future.  I chose it in an effort to literally save his life, and it has done exactly that.  I chose HYCA because I knew he had the strength, smarts and confidence inside him, he just needed help finding it all again.  I chose it because I love my son and I wanted the best for him.  I chose it so he could prove to himself just how amazing he really is.”


Kenneth “Nathan” Miller’s family writes:  “It had to be his choice or I do not feel he would have been successful.  Nathan has completed the Academy and earned his G.E.D. . . . He has talked about how much the telephone calls and mail meant.  We would all write him (parents, siblings, friends and other family members) so he could have a steady flow of mail.  An involved mentor has also helped Nathan.”


Eduardo Lopez’s family writes:  “I chose HYCA for my cadet . . . so he can go through the same experience as his older brothers.  I also thought it would show him that life isn’t easy.  He isn’t a bad kid.  I just wanted him to face reality.  He’s make it this far so I know that he is ready for anything.”


Carolyn Mosely’s family writes:  “I chose HYCA for my cadet to help discipline her, give her a new aspect on life and get her on the right path.  I’m glad I chose HYCA.  Carolyn has really changed as far as I can see.  She’s thinking positive as far as schooling, career wise and setting goals for herself.  I will always recommend HYCA for the youths that are struggling.  I think it’s a really great program.”


Destiny Vierling’s family writes:  “We heard that HYCA is a great place for young ladies and young men who are too smart for their britches.  Who thing they are ready to take on the world though they have no life skills, respect for others or self-worth.  We know these young people are not bad kids, but just have had bad influences in their life.  Thanks to programs like HYCA these young people who have an attitude of selfishness and a ‘no one is going to tell me what to do’ mentality now have somewhere to help them get back on track and be better people in society.    We are so glad we decided to send Destiny to a program like HYCA.  You have helped Destiny so much.   This is a great program.  HYCA is changing kids’ lives for the better!”