The following comments were written to us by the families of previous cadets. Check them out!

Class 14 Cadet Cunningham’s mother writes – “When I found out about the academic program at HCYA I thought it might be exactly what he needed.  I also liked the fact that the program had a military structure.  I thought his combination might be the right thing to get him on track.  I knew it would be hard, but if he could make it, it would be life changing.  Sending him to HYCA was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I am so glad I did.  This program has done things I never imagined could be done in my child.  I dropped him off a very angry and lazy child .  When I picked him up for home pass he was happy and determined.  Thank God for HYCA!”

Class 14 Cadet French’s family writes – “Since my son started at HYCA, he has become a model person.  He has gotten his TASC and he also is in the Color Guard, is a squad leader and has made Commandos.  I am so proud of this positive change in my son. Now he is going to make a career out of the military.  He going to excel in life.”

Class 14 Cadet Brooks’ family writes – “[He] would not follow rules, take responsibility for his actions . . .was choosing the wrong friends, was disrespectful and had no ambition to do anything.  He has now completed and passed his GED/TASC test, will have received 6 college credits . . . , speaks to others respectfully, has definitely matured and has ambition to work, attend college and be a productive member of society thanks to HYCA.  Thanks HYCA and a big thanks to all the staff that helped my child and others to be successful adults!”